1953-1967 Evinrude Johnson 3HP Tune UP Project   Part Numbers and Cost

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I found out that the NAPA chain of auto parts stores offered a marine parts catalog and to my surprise, they had a lot of the marine parts I needed were in stock at the local NAPA Distribution Center. Another auto parts store CarQuest has their "Sierra Marine Parts Catelog"  which is the same thing with the same part numbers that NAPA users.  Finding out what parts are needed was a challenge, but once I knew what I needed, NAPA was able to get the parts quickly.  You also want to find a good marine parts OMC Johnson/Evinrude and Mercury marine parts dealer.  I generally do not like to buy stuff at the boat dealer and pay their high retail prices but there are some marine parts you can only get there.  There are several places on the web but you need to be sure you know that what you are buying is actually what you need.  The problem with these dealers is that they are orientated toward selling parts for a wide range of motors. 

Shop around by clicking on the sites listed to the left.  Search on the OMC Part Numbers and compare prices.

Listed below are the parts used to tune up my 1963 3 HP Evinrude Lightwin Outboard Boat Motor.  There is a good chance that these are the same marine parts you will need for your motor but you should verify the part numbers for your own outboard motor.


Total Cost for Parts:  $96.62 plus Tax at NAPA

Coils (you need 2 of these)  OMC Part Number 582995 or 584477     NAPA Part Number 18-5181

I Paid $43.98 for a pair.

Ignition Tune-Up Kit   OMC Part Number 172522   NAPA Part Number 18-5006

I paid $16.99 for the kit which includes points and condensers.

Spark Plugs   Champion J6C

I paid $3.38 for a pair.

Carb Kit    OMC Part Number 382045 or 382046    NAPA Part Number 18-7020

I paid $15.49,  this kit did not include float

Impeller   OMC Part Number 434424    NAPA Part Number 18-3001

I paid $13.49 for just the impeller.

Head Gasket   OMC Part Number 203130    NAPA Part Number 18-3841-1

I paid $3.29



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