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The main purpose of this site is to share my experiences and offer free practical advice and tricks to tune up specific old Evinrude and Johnson outboard boat motors so that you will feel comfortable doing the same.  Also, I give some background history on each of these motors so that you will appreciate them better.  If you have one of the outboard boat motors that I talk about in these "Tune Up Projects," and you want to tune up your own old Evinrude or Johnson outboard boat motor to get it running well, this is the place for you.  While this site is no replacement for a service manual, the pages which describe these tune up projects contain step by step instructions as well as pictures which go far beyond what you would find in a typical service manual.  As time goes on, I hope to add more "Tune Up Projects" to the list below.  Positive feedback is always appreciated, but I can take the criticism as well.


1909 Evinrude Outboard Prototype

Things have changed a lot in the past 100+ years but some things remain the same.  The love of boats, water, outdoors, and the smell and sound that one will always associate with an outboard boat motor.  They are all things that bring pleasant thoughts into our minds and associate with good times.  Many people relied on Evinrude motors to bring them home safely, to escape storms, to provide power when and where it is needed both for serious work as well as a whole world of recreation.  For all your accomplishments, we thank you Ole Evenrude.  May you rest in peace and always be remembered.

We salute Ole Evinrude and his idea, 100+ years ago of hanging a portable motor on the back of a rowboat, and bringing in a new era of water transportation.


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