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Just an update.  While it might not look like much on the surface, I've been busy entering parts into the site database.  I do not have this information in electronic form, so I just have to enter it the old-fashioned way.

Right now, if you look at motors before 1980, you see a listing of parts for that motor, if available.  This past summer, I entered all the Evinrude/Johnson/OMC/BRP motors from 1980 to current.  This was a huge job, but I got it done.  Now I am entering all the parts in the Sierra Catalog and will reference them up to the motors they work with, along with Amazon links.  Right now I am entering piston rings and have about 100 more pages to go!  I believe the result will be worth the effort.

I am writing some custom programs to help with the referencing, but first I need to get all the parts entered.

I did put a link to the 2018 Sierra Catalog so people can look up parts that I do not have entered yet.

I have a few other site issues I want to clean up, but for right now, I want to get all the parts data entered.



I am near the end of matching up our long list of parts and the motors they work with.  In other words, I am entering in the application tables so that when someone pulls up their motor, a list of matching parts for that motor will be shown.  This was a bigger project than I imagined, but I am currently in the last few pages of entry.

While I have tried very hard to be as accurate as posible, there are sure to be some errors.  If you spot a part that you know does not work with your motor or something that needs to be corrected, please let me know by posting a comment here.

I have learned a lot in this process, particularly what is no longer available for some older motors.  I hope to go back and do some research to see if I can find solutions that are not so obvious.  Any input or suggestions are welcome and will be used here to benefit others.

Now that we have this site multilingual, I am amazed at how many visitors we have from around and how many languages they are using.  I welcome everyone as we all seem to have a common love for the motors we are working on.

I have more ideas on how to improve this site and will be putting a lot of effort into it over the next few months.  Three things I want to add to the site are props, spark plugs, and service manuals.  These are things that a lot of people seem to be searching for.  Stay tuned and keep checking back.





I just added an option for each part to shop for that part on eBay.

I went through the entire list of parts and added a query that will turn up results.  Sometimes I had to use different key words and/or part numbers to get good results.

During this process, I also reworked the Amazon queries so they would take users to the Amazon site for their country.

In working with both Amazon and eBay, looking at the same parts on each, I sometimes see a big price difference between the two.  Sometimes Amazon will have the best price, sometimes eBay has the best price.  In either case, you can find your best deal by looking at both.

Most of the parts on eBay are not in an auction format.  Your price is shown as the "Buy it now" price, and there is no auction procedure at all.

While looking up all these parts on eBay, I get the sense that the people selling the parts are the same people you would find at the parts department in service dealers and marine stores.  They are just finding a new way to sell their products on the Internet.  I also seem to have better luck finding rare and hard to find parts on eBay.

One thing I learned is the term "NOS" which means "New Old Stock" which means that it is in new condition but has sat on the shelf for many years. This translates into a good deal for you.

Looking ahead, I want to provide a selection of propellers for each motor, as well as service manuals, and spark plugs.  Once I have all these, I want to go back through the motors and put in specifications about each motor and maybe additional comments.

Hopefully, by this time next year, I will duplicate this site which is Johnson/Evinrude/OMC/BRP and start on Mercury/Yamaha and other brands of motors.

As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback.

Tom Travis



It's been a while since I've said anything in the site progress comments, but that does not mean I have not been busy.  I recently added spark plugs for several brands besides Johnson/Evinrude.  Spark plugs for other brands would be your first hint that We are near complete with Johnson/Evinrude and ready to move on to Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, and maybe more.

Right now I am getting ready to add propellers.  I always got frustrated when buying propellers for my motors because I never had a good way of knowing what all was available and would work on my motor.  I am trying to remove the voodoo science and make picking out a replacement much simpler like I did with spark plugs.

I've been doing some behind the scenes development.  Most notably is the fact that the addition of SSL security, so the address of the pages all begin with https://.....  Without SSL security, people would get a message saying something like "This site is not secure," which could be discouraging.  Now there should be a green padlock appear in the address bar of your browser.  Since doing this, site traffic has increased, especially international traffic.  The image below shows where people visited this site from in May of 2019.  I think we get worldwide coverage except for central Africa.  People all over the world like to fix up their outboard motors.  I hear from people appreciating the site translated into their home language.

Thanks for your support.

Tom Travis

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