1949-1963 Evinrude Johnson 10 HP Tune UP Project

11949-1963 Johnson Seahorse QD Series




Find Your Model Number

1949-1963 Evinrude Johnson 10 HP outboard boat motor Model Number Reference. The model number is usually mounted on the port side of engine bracket. Once you have the model number, find the year for your motor in the Model Number Reference.

Parts List

Here is the list of parts you will need to tune up your 1949-1963 Evinrude and Johnson QD 10 HP outboard boat motor.



Follow this procedure to tune up your 1952-1967 Evinrude or Johnson 3 HP outboard motor. This page has lots of pictures, descriptions, and advice on how to get these motors running well. You will be taken step by step through the process of performing a tune up on your motor.

A Warning About Pressurized Fuel Tanks - These motors use pressurized fuel tanks. Rather than sucking fuel from the tank, the dual line hose pumps air into the tank, pressurizing it to 4-7 PSI which forces fuel back to the motor. Basically, these pressurized tanks are an extremely dangerous fire or explosion danger. CLICK HERE to learn more about these tanks and how to convert to the newer and safer fuel tanks.

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