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Ken Denman wrote a wonderful article "Bringing an Outboard out of Storage" in Microsoft Word format.  Thanks Ken,  I am sure that others will find this useful.


This is my finished ’56 Lightwin, model 3018. Did a complete tune up along with new seals in the lower unit. Since the tank had a number of dents and the original paint was in pretty bad shape, I stripped it down and just painted the tank and cowlings. I also decided against new decals so I just hand painted the tank shield and control plate. This great running little kicker pushes my 8’ dinghy at a pretty good clip around Lake Kewoee in upstate South Carolina, fishing for bass and bluegill.
Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson 1 Ron Pearson 2



Hello Tom-
I have a '58 Johnson Seahorse 5.5hp outboard (photos attached) that belonged to my father. I can clearly remember going with him to the sport shop in Milwaukee to purchase it new. I was probably no taller than the motor itself. It has been kicking around in my basement/garage and hasn't been run in the last 25+ years. I can't bear to part with it, but on the other hand have had no clue where to start to resuscitate it. I just stumbled on your web site describing your own project in profuse detail. I can't begin to tell you how helpful this is to me. Just wanted to thank you for the time and effort that went into putting that info together. I will hopefully bring my seahorse back to life this winter.
Jim Rosenkranz (Atlanta)
Jim Rosenkranz (Atlanta) 1 Jim Rosenkranz (Atlanta) 4



Hi Tom. Love the site. Thanks for the help. Here are some pics of my 1964 Johnson 3HP. My Grandmother gave me this motor and an old fibreglass boat (used to belong to my Grandfather).
The motor is in good shape. it had been overhauled and tuned up a couple years ago. My Friend Mike and I checked it all over. Only 2 real problems with it. The two original coils were both fried. Also, the screw to the impeller housing was not seating all the way, causing the impeller to suck air and overheat the motor. Fixed those now its great!! I wouldn't have known where to start if it wasn't for your site.
Thanks, Aaron Publicover
1964 J3HP 1 1964 J3HP 2


I am attaching 2 photos of the motor I restored following your  web page.....been having a lot of fun with an old Gheenoe
the johnson runs like new....primarily we just troll for bass and speckled pearch.
KC 3HP Johnson 1 KC 3HP Johnson 2



I finished overhauling my motor using your article's and wanted to let you know that it was a success. The local marina said the motor wasn't worth the effort and cost and quoted me over $500 to get it running. I believe I have about $120 into it with the impeller, carb rebuild kit, points, condenser, coils, plugs and lube. And these were stock items. I can't wait to get it into the lake and see what it can do. It started on the first pull too! This motor belonged to my wife's grandfather and hasn't run in about 40 years, her uncle had it stored in his basement, it actually had fuel or what was fuel at one time, in the tank. Thanks for the website, it truly helped me out a lot, and made it very easy to accomplish.

Greg Paul

Greg Paul 1 Greg Paul 2 Greg Paul 3



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