1954-1964 Evinrude Johnson 5.5 HP Tune-UP Project Remove Motor Covers

Remove the Motor Cover

Now it's time to take the covers off and see what is underneath Move the shift lever to reverse and unsnap the holders on each side of the motor. The back of the cover will lift up exposing the spark plugs. Unsnap the rubber safety strap from the starter cover. Now simply slide the entire cover forward to remove from the motor.

Johnson Seahorse Latches Johnson Seahorse 5.5 Open Front Johnson Seahorse 5.5 Unhook Strap Johnson Seahorse 5.5 Slide Cover Off


Remove the Recoil Starter Cover

Remove the three screws that hold the recoil starter on.  After lifting the starter from the motor, place the three screws back into the mounting bracket so they do not get lost.

Johnson Seahorse 5.5 Recoil Starter Johnson Seahorse 5.5 Unscrew Recoil Cover Johnson Seahorse 5.5 Lift Recoil Cover Off Johnson Seahorse 5.5 Recoil Starter Removed



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