Outboard Motor Model Numbers Evinrude/Johnson/OMC 1980 - 1999 (225 HP)


225 HP 1986 225PTLCD, 225PTXCD, 225TLCD, 225TXCD Shop for Parts 1986 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225PTLCD / 225PTXCD 225TLCD / 225TXCD https://youtu.be/UEhNP8AVX6k
225 HP 1987 225CLCU, 225CXCU, 225PLCU, 225PXCU, 225TLCU, 225TXCU Shop for Parts 1987 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CLCU / 225CXCU 225PLCU / 225PXCU 225TLCU / 225TXCU https://youtu.be/aFgnTSigKug
225 HP 1988 225CXCC, 225PLCC, 225PXCC, 225TLCC, 225TXCC Shop for Parts 1988 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXCC 225PLCC / 225PXCC 225TLCC / 225TXCC https://youtu.be/z4-yRGf9HrU
225 HP 1989 225CXCE, 225PLAE, 225PLCE, 225PXCE, 225TLAE, 225TLCE, 225TXCE Shop for Parts 1989 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXCE 225PLAE 225PLCE / 225PXCE 225TLAE 225TLCE / 225TXCE https://youtu.be/OFbv-e8EaBg
225 HP 1990 225CXES, 225PLAS, 225PLES, 225PXES, 225TLAS, 225TLES, 225TXES Shop for Parts 1990 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXES 225PLAS 225PLES / 225PXES 225TLAS 225TLES / 225TXES https://youtu.be/OH6FblIZU38
225 HP 1991 225CXEI, 225PLEI, 225PXEI, 225TLEI, 225TXEI Shop for Parts 1991 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXEI 225PLEI / 225PXEI 225TLEI / 225TXEI https://youtu.be/QAPPsZkFaak
225 HP 1992 225CXEN, 225PLEN, 225PXEN, 225PLEN, 225PXEN Shop for Parts 1992 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXEN 225PLEN / 225PXEN 225PLEN / 225PXEN https://youtu.be/C63tqJvLoXQ
225 HP 1993 225CXAT, 225CZAT, 225CXET, 225CZET, 225PLET, 225PXAT, 225PXET, 225PZET, 225PZAT, 225STLET, 225TLET, 225TXAT, 225TZAT 225TXET, 225TZET Shop for Parts 1993 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXAT / 225CZAT 225CXET / 225CZET 225PLET / 225PXAT 225PXET / 225PZET 225PZAT 225STLET 225TLET 225TXAT / 225TZAT 225TXET / 225TZET https://youtu.be/zaFMZrD0DJ8
225 HP 1994 225CXAR, 225CZAR, 225CXER, 225CZER, 225PXAR, 225PZAR, 225PXER, 225PZER, 225TLER, 225PLER, 225TXAR, 225TZAR, 225TXER, 225TZER Shop for Parts 1994 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXAR / 225CZAR 225CXER / 225CZER 225PXAR / 225PZAR 225PXER / 225PZER 225TLER / 225PLER 225TXAR / 225TZAR 225TXER / 225TZER https://youtu.be/NflpcE7eGQQ
225 HP 1995 225CXEO, 225CZEO, 225PXEO, 225PZEO, 225SLEO, 225STLEO, 225TXEO, 225TZEO, 225CXED, 225CZED Shop for Parts 1995 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXEO / 225CZEO 225PXEO / 225PZEO 225SLEO 225STLEO 225TXEO / 225TZEO 225CXED / 225CZED https://youtu.be/32xILeXETGE
225 HP 1996 225PXED, 225TXED, 225TZED Shop for Parts 1996 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225PXED 225TXED / 225TZED https://youtu.be/NHyZ4PA6QTg
225 HP 1997 225CXEU, 225CZEU, 225PXEU, 225SLEU, 225STLEU, 225TXEU, 225TZEU Shop for Parts 1997 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXEU / 225CZEU 225PXEU 225SLEU 225STLEU 225TXEU / 225TZEU https://youtu.be/GQHs17rhPsY
225 HP 1998 225CXEC, 225CZEC, 225NXEC, 225NZEC, 225QXEC, 225QZEC, 225STLEC, 225SLEC, 225CXEE, 225TXEC, 225TZEC Shop for Parts 1988 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXEC / 225CZEC 225NXEC / 225NZEC 225QXEC / 225QZEC 225STLEC / 225SLEC 225CXEE 225TXEC / 225TZEC https://youtu.be/z4-yRGf9HrU
225 HP 1999 225CXEE, 225FCXEE, 225FCZE, 225FPLEE, 225FPXEE, 225FPZEE, 225HPLEE, 225PLEE, 225PXEE Shop for Parts 1999 Evinrude Johnson 225 HP Model 225CXEE 225FCXEE / 225FCZE 225FPLEE / 225FPXEE 225FPZEE 225HPLEE 225PLEE / 225PXEE https://youtu.be/CEWSijzFwes


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