Outboard Motor Model Numbers Evinrude/Johnson/OMC 1980 - 1999 (200 HP)

200 HP 1980 200TLCS, 200TXCS, 200TRLCS, 200TRXCS Shop for Parts 1980 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200TLCS / 200TXCS 200TRLCS / 200TRXCS https://youtu.be/3-JjnAlO1Kw
200 HP 1981 200TLCI, 200TXCI, 200TRLCI, 200TRXCI Shop for Parts 1981 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200TLCI / 200TXCI 200TRLCI / 200TRXCI https://youtu.be/faavet5upho
200 HP 1982 200TLCN, 200TXCN, 200TRLCN, 200TRXCN Shop for Parts 1982 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200TLCN / 200TXCN 200TRLCN / 200TRXCN https://youtu.be/-GJznUJO6ks
200 HP 1983 200TLCT, 200TXCT, 200TRLCT, 200TRXC Shop for Parts 1983 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200TLCT / 200TXCT 200TRLCT / 200TRXC https://youtu.be/TFMpTn-5PiM
200 HP 1986 200STLCD, 200TXCD Shop for Parts 1986 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200STLCD 200TXCD https://youtu.be/Zwf32Br3esU
200 HP 1987 200STLCU, 200TXCU Shop for Parts 1987 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200STLCU 200TXCU https://youtu.be/9USlkRPsmWU
200 HP 1988 200STLAC, 200STLCC, 200TXCC, 200CXCC Shop for Parts 1988 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200STLAC 200STLCC 200TXCC / 200CXCC https://youtu.be/1NoigiRvBnY
200 HP 1989 200CXCE, 200STLCE, 200TXCE Shop for Parts 1989 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXCE 200STLCE 200TXCE https://youtu.be/CgEEmBci1QM
200 HP 1990 200CXES, 200SLES, 200STLES, 200TXES Shop for Parts 1990 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXES 200SLES 200STLES 200TXES https://youtu.be/GctXfSaYtMc
200 HP 1991 200CXEI, 200SLEI, 200STLEI, 200TXEI Shop for Parts 1991 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXEI 200SLEI / 200STLEI 200TXEI https://youtu.be/3bJqzH-MQiI
200 HP 1992 200CXEN, 200SLEN, 200STLEN, 200TXEN Shop for Parts 1992 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXEN 200SLEN / 200STLEN 200TXEN https://youtu.be/OgOnuxEZg_4
200 HP 1993 200CXAT, 200CZAT, 200CXET, 200CZET, 200SLET, 200STLET, 200TXAT, 200TZAT, 200TXET, 200TZET Shop for Parts 1993 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXAT / 200CZAT 200CXET / 200CZET 200SLET 200STLET 200TXAT / 200TZAT 200TXET / 200TZET https://youtu.be/44k0IZnrcQo
200 HP 1994 200CXER, 200CZER, 200CZAR, 200CXAR, 200STLER, 200TXAR, 200TZAR, 200TXER, 200TZER, LE200SLER, LJ200SLER Shop for Parts 1994 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXER / 200CZER 200CZAR / 200CXAR 200STLER 200TXAR / 200TZAR 200TXER / 200TZER LE200SLER LJ200SLER https://youtu.be/cKEPo9Jge2I
200 HP 1995 200CXEO, 200CZEO, 200STLEO, 200SLEO, 200TXEO, 200TZEO Shop for Parts 1005 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXEO / 200CZEO 200STLEO / 200SLEO 200TXEO / 200TZEO https://youtu.be/5eSXUDCEnow
200 HP 1996 200CXED, 200STLED, 200SLED, 200TXED, LE200SLED, LJ200SLED Shop for Parts 1996 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXED 200STLED / 200SLED 200TXED LE200SLED LJ200SLED https://youtu.be/cH9MhqxrUuw
200 HP 1997 200CXEU, 200SLEU, 200STLEU, 200TXEU Shop for Parts 1997 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXEU 200SLEU 200STLEU 200TXEU https://youtu.be/a9tHM7UWZy0
200 HP 1998 200CXEC, 200STLEC, 200SLEC, 200TLEC, 200TXEC Shop for Parts 1998 Evinrude Johnson 200 HP Model 200CXEC 200STLEC / 200SLEC 200TLEC / 200TXEC https://youtu.be/BUKKw8aIIuQ
200 HP 1999 200CXEE, 200FCXEE, 200FPLEE, 200FPXE, 200FSLEE, 200PLEE, 200PXEE Shop for Parts 1999 Johnson Evinrude 200 HP Model 200CXEE 200FCXEE 200FPLEE / 200FPXE 200FSLEE 200PLEE / 200PXEE https://youtu.be/XbqIpiDMpS4



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