Outboard Motor Model Numbers Evinrude/Johnson/OMC 1980 - 1999 (150 HP)

150 HP 1980 150TLCS, 150TXCS, 150TRLCS, 150TRXC Shop for Parts 1980 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150TLCS / 150TXCS 150TRLCS / 150TRXC https://youtu.be/Z6E9AvWz_CQ
150 HP 1981 150TLCI, 150TXCI, 150TRLCI, 150TRXCI Shop for Parts 1981 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150TLCI / 150TXCI 150TRLCI / 150TRXCI https://youtu.be/T3QKyQIrBD8
150 HP 1982 150TRLCN, 150TRXCN Shop for Parts 1982 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150TRLCN / 150TRXCN https://youtu.be/K9SiLf34q1s
150 HP 1983 150STLCT, 150TLCT, 150TXCT, 150TRLCT, 150TRXC Shop for Parts 1983 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150STLCT 150TLCT / 150TXCT 150TRLCT / 150TRXC https://youtu.be/J_OhkXYsRBQ
150 HP 1984 150ANCRS, 150STLCR, 150TLCR, 150TXCR Shop for Parts 1984 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150ANCRS 150STLCR 150TLCR / 150TXCR https://youtu.be/_tHDzOjsp8w
150 HP 1985 150ANCO, 150STLCO, 150TLCO, 150TXCO Shop for Parts Johnson Evinrude 150 HP Model 150ANCO 150STLCO 150TLCO / 150TXCO https://youtu.be/o6qudaIoml4
150 HP 1986 150STLCD, 150TLCD, 150TXCD Shop for Parts 1986 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150STLCD 150TLCD / 150TXCD https://youtu.be/hcmFz7-nxrA
150 HP 1987 150GTLCU, 150STLCU,150TLCU, 150TXCU Shop for Parts 1987 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150GTLCU 150STLCU150TLCU / 150TXCU 150GTLCU 150STLCU150TLCU / 150TXCU
150 HP 1988 150CXCC, 150STLCC, 150TLCC, 150TXCC Shop for Parts 1988 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150CXCC 150STLCC 150TLCC / 150TXCC https://youtu.be/kL9hvz9LmjE
150 HP 1989 150CXCE, 150SLCE, 150STLCE, 150TLAE, 150TLCE, 150TXCE Shop for Parts 1989 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150CXCE 150SLCE 150STLCE 150TLAE 150TLCE / 150TXCE https://youtu.be/zcYMBSDeE9c
150 HP 1990 150CXES, 150SLES, 150STLES, 150TLAS, 150TLES, 150TXES Shop for Parts 1990 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150CXES 150SLES 150STLES 150TLAS 150TLES / 150TXES https://youtu.be/63zKvOPKHyE
150 HP 1991 150CXEI, 150ELAI, 150ELEI, 150EXEI, 150GLEI, 150JLEI, 150NXEI, 150SLEI, 150STLEI, 150TLAI, 150TLAI Shop for Parts 1991 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150CXEI 150ELAI 150ELEI / 150EXEI 150GLEI 150JLEI 150NXEI 150SLEI 150STLEI 150TLAI 150TLAI https://youtu.be/ZAtg5cI-aOc
150 HP 1992 150ELAN, 150ELEN, 150EXEN, 150GLEN, 150JLEN 150NXEN Shop for Parts 1992 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150ELAN 150ELEN / 150EXEN 150GLEN 150JLEN 150NXEN https://youtu.be/gyFRFMco2RM
150 HP 1993 150ELAT, 150EXAT, 150ELET, 150EXET, 150GLET, 150JLET, 150NXAT, 150NXET, V150SLET, V150SHLET Shop for Parts 1993 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150ELAT / 150EXAT 150ELET / 150EXET 150GLET 150JLET 150NXAT 150NXET V150SLET / V150SHLET https://youtu.be/NEpAJXSEDms
150 HP 1994 150ELAR, 150EXAR, 150ELER, 150GLER, 150EXER, 150CXER, 150JLER, 150NXER, 150NXAR, 150SLER, 150SHLER Shop for Parts 1994 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150ELAR / 150EXAR 150ELER / 150GLER 150EXER / 150CXER 150JLER150NXER / 150NXAR 150SLER / 150SHLER https://youtu.be/zrIAU0rk_lo
150 HP 1995 150SLERA, 150ELEO, 150EXEO, 150CXEO, 150GLEO, 150HLEO, 150JLEO, 150NXEO, 150SLEO, 150WCLO Shop for Parts 1995 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150SLERA 150ELEO 150EXEO / 150CXEO 150GLEO 150HLEO 150JLEO 150NXEO 150SLEO 150WCLO https://youtu.be/zVJOWHSQuoc
150 HP 1996 150CXED, 150ELED, 150EXED, 150GLED, 150ILED, 150JLED, 150NXED, 150SLED, 150EXED, 150WCLD, L150GLED Shop for Parts 1996 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150CXED 150ELED 150EXED 150GLED 150ILED 150JLED 150NXED 150SLED / 150EXED 150WCLD L150GLED https://youtu.be/wMr6m-aiuCc
150 HP 1997 150ELEU, 150EXEU, 150CXEU, 150GLEU, 150ICXEU, 150ILEU, 150IXEU, 150JLEU, 150NXEU, 150PLEU, 150SLEU, L150GLEU Shop for Parts 1997 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150ELEU 150EXEU / 150CXEU 150GLEU 150ICXEU 150ILEU 150IXEU 150JLEU 150NXEU 150PLEU 150SLEU L150GLEU https://youtu.be/pnOA3QrxNFQ
150 HP 1998 150ELEC, 150FCXEC, 150FSLEC, 150FSXEC, 150GLEC, 150ILEC, 150JLEC, 150SLEC, 150EXEC, L150GLEC Shop for Parts 1998 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150ELEC 150FCXEC 150FSLEC / 150FSXEC 150GLEC 150ILEC 150JLEC 150SLEC / 150EXEC L150GLEC https://youtu.be/sdB02fu3gtQ
150 HP 1999 150CXEE, 150FCXEE, 150FPLEE, 150FPXEE, 150FSLEE, 150JPLEE,150PLEE, 150PXEE Shop for Parts 1999 Evinrude Johnson 150 HP Model 150CXEE 150FCXEE 150FPLEE / 150FPXEE 150FSLEE 150JPLEE150PLEE / 150PXEE https://youtu.be/wHQ5ZM5BnZw


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