Johnson Model Numbers (30 HP to 40 HP)


30 HP 1956

RD-18, RDE-18, RJE-18

Shop for Parts 1956 Johnson 30 HP Model RD-18, RDE-18, RJE-18
32 HP 1929


32 HP 1930


33 HP 1965

RX-13, RXL-13, RXE-13, RXEL-13

Shop for Parts 1965 Johnson 33 HP Model RX-13, RXL-13, RXE-13, RXEL-13
33 HP 1966

RX-14, RXL-14, RXE-14, RXEL-14

Shop for Parts 1966 Johnson 33 HP Model RX-14, RXL-14, RXE-14, RXEL-14
33 HP 1967

RX-15, RXL-15, RXE-15, RXEL-15

Shop for Parts    
33 HP 1968

RX-16, RXL-16, RXE-16, RXEL-16

Shop for Parts 1968 Johnson 33 HP Model RX-16, RXE-16, RXEL-16
33 HP 1969

33E69, 33EL69, 33R69, 33RL669

Shop for Parts 1969 Johnson 33 HP Model 33E69, 33EL69, 33R69, 33RL669
33 HP 1970

33E70, 33EL70, 33R70, 33RL670

Shop for Parts 1970 Johnson 33 HP Model 33E70, 33EL70, 33R70, 33RL670
35 HP 1957

RD-19, RDL-19, RDE-19, RDEL-19, RJE-19, RJEL-19

Shop for Parts 1957 Johnson 35 HP Model RD-19, RDL-19, RDE-19, RDEL-19, RJE-19, RJEL-19
35 HP 1958

RD-19C, RDL-19C, RDE-19C, RDEL-19C, RDS-20, RDSL-20

Shop for Parts 1958 Johnson 35 HP Model RD-19C, RDL-19C, RDE-19C, RDEL-19C, RDS-20, RDSL-20
35 HP 1959

RD-21, RSL-21, RDS-21, RDSL-21

Shop for Parts 1959 Johnson 25 HP Model RD-21, RSL-21, RDS-21, RDSL-21
35 HP 1976

33E76, 33EL76, 33R76, 33RL76

Shop for Parts 1976 Johnson 35 HP Model 33E76, 33EL76, 33R76, 33RL76
35 HP 1977

33E77, 33EL77, 33R77, 33RL77, VML1135EL77

Shop for Parts 1977 Johnson 35 HP Model 33E77, 33EL77, 33R77, 33RL77, VML1135EL77
35 HP 1978

33E78, 33EL78, 33R78, 33RL78

Shop for Parts 1978 Johnson 35 HP Model 33E78, 33EL78, 33R78, 33RL78
35 HP 1979

33E79, 33EL79, 33R79, 33RL79

Shop for Parts 1979 Johnson 35 HP Model 33E79, 33EL79, 33R79, 33RL79
36 HP 1931





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