953-1967 Evinrude Johnson 3HP Tune-UP Project Remove Motor Covers

Now it's time to take the covers off and see what is underneath.  Remove the 4 screws that hold the recoil starter assembly on the top side of the motor and lift the assembly off.  Be careful not to loose the lock washers that go with the screws.  After wiping off the starter and gas tank, put the 4 screws and lock washers back into the gas tank so they will not get lost.  Set the starter assembly aside.

Remove Lightwin Starter Screws
Remove Starter Screws


Remove Lightwin Starter
Remove Starter


Store Lightwin Starter Bolts
Store Starter Bolts


Lightwin Remove Choke Button
Remove Choke Button


Now remove the screw that is in the middle of the choke pull button. Remove the button by pulling straight forward.  Remove the port side cover screws.  Starboard is right and port is left on a boat.  If it were a car, port side would be the same as drivers side.  Remove the port side cover, wipe it off and set aside.  Screw the choke button back onto the carburetor so that it will not get lost.  Screw the 2 screws back into the bracket that holds the port side cover.

Lightwin Remove Side mOTOR cOVER
Remove Side Motor Covers


Lightwin Side Cover Screws
Side Cover Screws


Lightwin Side Covers Removed
Side Covers Removed


Lightwin Carburetor Choke Button Frone View
Carburetor and Choke Buttons


Remove the 2 screws that hold the starboard side covers.  Turn the fuel shut-off valve to a horizontal position so that it will fit into the horizontal slot in the side cover.  Remove the starboard side cover, wipe it off and set aside.  Screw the 2 screws back into the bracket that holds the cover.

Shut off the fuel shutoff valve. Disconnect the fuel line from the bottom of the fuel shutoff valve.  This is best done with a 7/16 open wrench.  Do not use pliers and be careful not to damage the brass fitting because this will cause a fuel leak if you don't replace it damaged.  Remove 3 of the 4 bolts that screw upward holding the gas tank.  The 4th bolt (front port side) only needs to be loosened so it drops down onto the air intake.  It does not nee to be removed.   Lift the gas tank off of the motor.  Screw the 4 loose screws into the bottom of the gas tank so they do not get lost.  Wipe the tank off and set aside.

Lightwin Disconnect Fuel Line
Disconnect Fuel Line


Remove Lightwin Gas Tank Bolts
Remove Gas Tank Bolts

Remove Lightwin Gas Tank
Remove Gas Tank


You now have access to the carburetor and ignition system.


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